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Lisi was absolutely amazing to work with. We stumbled across her by accident, but after our first meeting, her warm personality and attentiveness to what we wanted made us not want to work with anyone else. When it came time to seriously look for a home, she was so easy to contact and did everything to make our schedules work to see homes. She was always so professional but at the same time, so friendly! Once we decided to make an offer, she was incredible at explaining the process to us as new buyers, and worked wonders negotiating all the terms and getting us a price we were praying for. The entire process was so easy, especially compared to the nightmare stories I have heard from other friends trying to buy homes. Lisi took care of all our appointments and back and forth discussions with the sellers, making some things that should have been complicated and difficult an absolute breeze. I would highly recommend Lisi to anyone looking to buy a home!