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Preparing Your Tennessee or North Georgia Farm for Fall

Steps to Take for Fall Preparation


Fall Prep

As summer is coming to an end and the days are getting shorter it is time to think about getting ready for the fall. Here is a checklist of horse farm chores you will want to have completed before the rain and cold set in.

Stocking up on hay. Look for fresh clean, good smelling hay that you can stock up on. Running out of hay during bad weather can be very problematic and expensive. As hay suppliers get low on supply their prices get higher.

Bedding. Getting a truckload of shaving is more cost effective than the bags. If you wait until the rain sets in your ground may be too soft for the heavy truck to get in and out.

Blankets. Dig out your blankets and make sure they are ready to go. Make sure they fasten properly and fit your horse securely. You can order replacement straps for most blankets.

Water in the cold months. If you don’t already have heated buckets or a water heater for your outside water, you may want to invest in them. Horses need to drink plenty of water to protect them from colicking when it gets cold.

Footing material for pastures. Cut down on mud by bringing in wood chips or small gravel for the watering and gate areas. Those areas can get pretty bad during the wet seasons.

Rotate Pastures. Now is the time to make sure you are not allowing overgrazing in one spot. You will want to allow breaks on your pastures to preserve what you can for the winter months.

Check your lighting. Checking to make sure your lights are working outside and in will help you from getting caught off guard when it’s freezing out and you needs lights. Get your electrician over there now to address any issues before it’s too cold.

Check equipment needed for daily chores. Fill the air in your tires. You may want to put vet wrap on your metal handles or your shovels and forks to help keep your hands warm. Have any maintenance done on tractors and other equipment you will be using.

Fire protection. Have fire alarms and make sure the batteries are working. Have a fire extinguisher in the barn.

One less thing to stress over when you properly prepare for the fall. Get your honey-do list checked off and enjoy the beautiful weather with your family and animals.