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How to price your farm to sell.

How do you price a farm to sell? A question we are asked often, how do you come up with a pricing strategy for sell a farm? Well the answer isn’t simple. It is complex to properly price a farm. We start by looking at the property as a whole. We look at how the land lays, is there a natural water source, what kind of fencing it there, is there shade, etc. We look at some features that may take value away from the land, like drop offs, wet lands, etc. We take a look at the structures on the property. Is there a barn for the animals, is there an equipment barn, hay barn, is the barn enclosed, are there stalls, how are the stalls built, what are the stalls built with, is there water, is there power, etc. We look at if there is an arena, what is the size, is it covered, is it open, whats the footing, is it level, etc. We look at how the pastures are laid out, how the ground is, if there is water in the fields. After looking at the most important parts of the farm, we look at the house. We will take a look at the age of the home, the condition, the size, the flow, if there’s any repairs needed. There is a lot that goes into preparing and selling a farm. We are experts in the field, with having sold more then 100 properties along with owning and operating farms we have gained extensive knowledge over the years. Making us experts in selling Homes and Farms! #homeandfarms #remaxrealtygroup #farms #southernfarms #luxuryfarms #horsefarms #equestrian #kellymartinfarmexpert #farmexpert #sellngmyfarm #buyingafarm #farmforsale