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Expert Tips On Buying and Selling a Farm in the MidSouth

Buying and selling a home in the country is not the same as turnkey residential homes.

front-view- You need an expert in the industry. Trust Kelly Martin to sell your Tennessee or Mississippi horse farm

No matter if you are buying or selling your farm in Tennessee or Mississippi, the first and most important step is to work with a Realtor that has knowledge of farms and country living. You need an expert in the industry. When buying a farm you will need to take into consideration a “fixer-upper” or a move-in-ready farm. If you are considering a “fixer upper” keep in mind the neglect in the falling fencing, worn off paint, and broken doors may go much deeper than you see. There may be more things wrong than shows.

Make sure you know what you’re getting involved in before you take the plunge. Have the property thoroughly inspected by a licensed home inspector.

Selling your farm

When selling your Tennessee or Mississippi place make sure to freshen up with painting fences that may need upkeep, and anything else that is looking worn out. Repair any fencing that is is down and get rid of the weeds that may be around. When a potential buyer pulls up to your property it should look fresh and clean. You know what they say about first impressions!

Declutter your home. When you have a lot of space it is easy to collect things. A buyer may not be able to see the space when there is too much stuff in the way. Box up your personal belongings and put them away so that potential buyers can envision what their family photos will look like on that wall next to the fireplace. Bonus: You’re one step ahead in the packing and moving process.

Now is the perfect time to sell your place and / or buy that property you have been dreaming of. Enlist an expert Realtor to sell your home and help you buy the farm of your dreams!