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Tips on getting your home ready to sell.

Tips on getting your home ready to sell.

Here are tips on getting your home ready for the market for top dollar and the shortest time. Selling your home is both emotionally and physically exhausting.  You want to make sure you’re the most competitive right out the gate. The prep work goes a long way in getting your home sold. Preparing your home is the most important step you can do before listing it.

Checklist for How to get your House Ready to sell on the Market.

Interior Checklist for preparing your house for the Market

  • Pick a date and work backwards.
    1. Set your deadlines as to when things will be done.
  • Ask for outside opinion of things that need to be done.
    1. Ask your friends and family what they think. They may notice something that you don’t.
  • Treat it like a business, its no longer your home its now an asset and you want to get top dollar for it.
    1. Take the emotion out of the transaction. Make a plan and use factually numbers from the market. Not how you feel but number that back decisions.
  • De-personalize and neutralize your home
    1. Sell things that you don’t want to take to the new home your moving to. Box up and store trinkets, family pictures, anything that will not help the space sell.  The less there is the larger the space feels. Home buyers want to envision how their family’s will look in their new home
  • Make every space a defined space
    1. Homebuyers want to know how to use the space, you don’t want to leave them guessing. Especially if you have an open concept, show the defined areas such as dining and living.  Try to make a cute area for reading.
  • PAINT!
    1. Freshly painted rooms look so clean, every scuff gets covered up causing the buyers to feel like the home is ready to move right into. Do with a neutral color, stay away from anything bold. You can pick up bold colors in your accents such as flowers or décor.
  • Fix the things that need to be fix and button up each room.
    1. You know the things, whether it’s a light switch cover or tighten a door handle. Don’t leave things undone or unfinished.
  • Get your carpets deep cleaned.
    1. You want to present the home in the cleanest most order free way possible.
  • Get your home professionally deep cleaned.
    1. This wil more likely make your buyers feel more comfortable.
  • Have a plan to show your home when an appointment is made
    1. Have storage container you can out things in that don’t stage your home.
    2. Have items you only use to show your home. New hand towels, new bedspreads on beds, throw pillows, throw blankets. Your want your home to look picture perfect for the showings.
  • Take down window treatments that are not neutral or that you don’t want to sell with you house
    1. I can’t express this enough, if you don’t want the window treatments to go with the house don’t leave them up! Don’t leave of bold window treatments will a lot of personality. It’s better to have no treatments then to have the wrong ones.

Exterior Checklist of preparing your home for the Market.

  • Improve your Curb appeal
    1. After a buyer finds your home online they most likely will do a drive by. Make sure it’s a good first impression.
  • Trim your bushes and trees in your landscaping and add new fresh mulch.
    1. It’s like a fresh haircut and it’s the first thing your buyers will see in pictures and when they visit the home.
  • Paint the exterior.
    1. If you have chipping paint please paint it. You don’t want the buyer minds wondering what hasn’t been done.
  • Paint or stain the front door.
    1. It’s the first thing your buyer will touch make it a good impression.
  • Replace the door mats and planters at the front entrance.
    1. You want to make this look fresh and new.
  • Patio backyard
    1. Make it inviting. Through down an area rug and arrange your furniture. Make this space inviting.  Some many buyers want to have a backyard that makes them feel good.

The most important thing when selling your home is to PRICE IS RIGHT!!

You want to make sure your home is price by what has SOLD not what is on the market.  Those prices change and sometimes are very incorrect!!!!

Use a professional Realtor who knows how to do their job and they are hiring a professional photographer.  If your agent comes in using their phones to take the pictures, get a new agent.

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