Overcoming Home Buying Challenges as a 1099 Worker: New Loan Options

Dated: April 25 2024

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Are you a freelance or self-employed worker dreaming of buying a home but feeling daunted by the challenges? You're not alone. Many 1099 workers face hurdles when it comes to securing a mortgage, from fluctuating income to limited documentation. However, there's good news: new loan programs and strategies are available to help individuals like you achieve their homeownership goals. Let's explore how you can overcome these challenges and take advantage of these new loan programs.

 Challenge 1: Fluctuating Income

One of the main challenges for 1099 workers is the variability of income. Traditional lenders may be hesitant to approve a mortgage when income is not consistent month-to-month.

 Solution: Bank Statement Loans

Bank statement loans allow self-employed individuals to use their bank statements as proof of income, instead of traditional tax returns. These loans are based on the average monthly deposits in your bank account, providing a more accurate picture of your income over time.

 Challenge 2: Limited Documentation

Self-employed individuals often have limited documentation compared to W-2 employees, which can make it challenging to verify income and qualify for a mortgage.

 Solution: Stated Income Loans

Stated income loans, also known as "no-doc" or "low-doc" loans, allow borrowers to state their income without providing extensive documentation. These loans are designed for self-employed individuals who may have difficulty documenting their income through traditional means. One full year of 1099 documentation is typically required.

Challenge 3: Higher Credit Score Requirements

Freelancers and self-employed individuals may face higher credit score requirements, with many lenders requiring a minimum credit score of 720 or higher for 1099 workers.

 Solution: Non-Traditional Credit Scoring

Some lenders offer non-traditional credit scoring methods that consider factors beyond just credit scores, such as rental payment history, utility payments, and other alternative forms of credit.


Despite the challenges, there are several new loan programs and strategies available to help 1099 workers achieve their dream of homeownership. By exploring these options and working with a knowledgeable lender, you can overcome the hurdles and secure a mortgage that fits your unique financial situation. Don't let the challenges of being self-employed hold you back from buying a home – with the right approach, homeownership can be within reach.

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